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Live PDF makes it easy to
share copies of paper documents
and keep them in sync

Real Live Paper

Create Live PDF copies of any document as you print.
Connect paper to your
digital world.

Real PDF copies

Get the highest quality
searchable copies.
100% compatible with any computer system. 

Real ink, real signatures

Capture wet signatures, markup documents, sketch and take notes with digital pens. No scanning required.

Realtime updates

Receive notifications
as Live PDF files are received and updated with writing
in realtime.

Digital paper network

Get a @username and share copies and live updates of paper documents with other people, companies, and systems.


Use the Live PDF 
realtime document feed to markup and share comments
on paper documents.


Assign paper documents to folders that sync with popular cloud sharing platforms,
or directly into your own workflow systems.

Authentic and Secure

Track the comments, authenticity, and history of printed documents.
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Save copies of documents automatically as you print.

Just select the Live PDF printer from any application.

The Live PDF virtual printer makes copies of documents as you print, and passes them along to your printer in one motion.
You can choose to print normally, or print as Live Paper to enable instant capture of handwriting from digital pens.
You can also create a Live PDF and address it to others without printing,
or configure templates to control delivery of forms that can be used by others.
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Print as regular paper

Create a Live PDF copy
and print normally
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Print as Live Paper

Create a Live PDF copy
and print as Live Paper
for instant updates
from digital pens

Create without printing

Create a Live PDF
without printing
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Create template

Configure a Live PDF
for others to use

Keep high quality copies of your paper documents up to date - in realtime.

Never late.  Never lost.  Never hard to read.
Never skewed.  Never upside down.  Never missing a page.

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100% compatible

Use Live PDF files with
any computer or system.
No customization required.

Crystal Clear

Live PDFs are
crystal clear digital copies.
They are never scanned.


All printed text is searchable.
Great for finding and indexing documents. No OCR required.


Download this
Live PDF sample
and take a look.

Digitize and share documents as you write with digital pens.

No scanning required.  

Write Live

Naturally capture writing with real ink
on any Live PDF printed as Live Paper.
Write anywhere – at your desk,
around the workplace, in the field.

Get instant Live PDF updates

Digital writing is automatically applied.
Live PDF files are instantly updated –
on your computer, in email, in document management systems, in the cloud.

Sign with your real eSignature

eSignatures have never been easier.
Naturally sign with your real signature on real paper, and get authenticated Live PDF copies instantly delivered to everyone and automatically stored in your systems.

Save copies of documents as you print.

See for yourself.  Install Live PDF on your computer.   
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